In a haze - but she's awake sees them pull away white dresses in the doorways, can't tell which side yet - of heaven's gate behind her heavy eyelids life's repeating, choosing dear clips soft focus sound of laughter desperately holding onto a past and remorse ain't no friend only a shadow of the blame, a life for a life regrets don't pay for: Tales of sin and virtue good and evil too - the guilt of deadly sins - are fighting over me and you anyone without it would pass unnoticed here there's no need to shout it we're doomed to hurt - once we care

Lust - Anger - Pride - Sloth - Envy - Gluttony - Greed the mind's a battlefield but in possession of all the keys so redemption, absolution in fact can be achieved when life returns its light it's every color - in the skies beyond time - no more plans peacefully coming to terms with the end but the thoughts interfere so a pause is just the same a life for a life forever stained with... forgive me for I have sinned - sinned - sinned - sinned Lust - Anger - Pride - Sloth - Envy - Gluttony - Greed