Ritual, ritual dance the ritual dance ritual, ritual dance the ritual dance dance the ritual dance dust is dancing in the aisle of a shrine nodding heads turn the rules of time silence act as their witness as they're kneeling down onto the floor about to give away the word

who's gonna be the first who's gonna break the curse whatever we have been we're no longer who's gonna come on through step into the view you better prove real soon that you belong here here another guest we bring seraphs of celestial wing so mote it be... (begin you) - is this an act of your own free will and accord? let us know - by the benefit of the password ritual.

Ritual dance the ritual dance ritual. ritual dance the ritual dance what you do to get into what you do to get into the inner circle introduce somebody - never lose nobody - ritual, ritual closing doors - only heaven knows what's been understood what's been undertaken here - stays no report, no explaining facts you come - you leave - alone